Our Vision:

To be an international market leader in the PSF industries.

Our Mission:

The company has set-up state of the art technology machineries 100% imported from China to manufacture and export best quality PSF and PP by investing heavily on land, machines and manpower and raw-materials to achieve its set goals.


Neel Nagar Industries Ltd is one of the leading polyester staple fiber manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. The company is 100% export oriented entity. Its origin traces back to 2018 when registered with the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies, Bangladesh. The factory was set up at Mirzapur, Tegoria, South Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh in the same year.

Our Products:

The company has fully functional facilities to produce the following items: a) Polyester Staple Fibers (PSF), b) Polypropylene (PP). In the PSF category the company has been producing a) Solid fibers (Siliconised/Non-Sliconised) with the Recycled/Virgin raw-materials, b) Hollow Conjugated Fibers (Siliconised/Non-Siliconised). The PSF are manufactured in Raw-White, Optical White, Dope Black and Red colors and are also produced in customized colors, advised by the Buyers. Besides above, the company has also been catering the foreign Buyers’ needs to manufacture and supply PET, since 2019.

Our clients:

Present customers’ bases are mainly in the USA, UK, Russia, China, Germany, Pakistan, Turkey, India and Nepal.

Our Compliances:

The company is social and environment compliant enterprise. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the company follows are: Reducing carbon footprint, Engaging in charity work. Improving labor policies.

Contact details:

Cell phone number: +8801313871919 and Land phone number: +8802223358005

Email: neelnagarindustries@gmail.com, neelnagar.anika@gmail.com

Ms. Anika Bushra, Merchandiser