Product Description

Hollow Conjugated Siliconised PSF
Product type: Virgin & Recycled Both Available
Fineness: 1.4D to 15D
Cut length: 32mm/38mm/51mm/64mm/84mm/102mm
Luster: Snow White/Semi Dull/Optical Bright
Pattern: Hollow
Raw Material: 100% PET Flakes for Recycled Fiber|| 100% Virgin Granules for Virgin Fiber
Grade: AAA grade
Packing Details: 250 kg(10% more or less)/Bale|| PP Woven Bag|| Customization Available
Delivery time: As Soon As After Final L/C Has Been Transmitted Within Latest Shipment Date
Payment Term: LC at sight
MOQ: 1x20HQ;10-12tons/container Or 1x40HQ; 20-22tons/container
Quality: Best Quality
Production Capacity: 1500MT/month
Product Features High bulkiness and easy-open, excellent tenacity, high resilience, and durability, feather touch, light and soft, anti-static, and excellent filling power after opening
Application Pillows, blankets, comforters, toys, bedding, furniture, spray bonded cotton, polyester wadding, padding, non-woven, filling quilt, cushion, home textiles, etc.
Product Details Polycycle polyesters offering Hollow conjugated three-dimensional crimp combined with the hollow gives superior resilience and insulates the final products. Conjugated hollow fibers have a hollow section and a mixture of crimps that provide volume, lightness, softness to the touch, elasticity, and great recovery ability .
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