Safe Oprations

Neel Nagar Industries ltd. operates the latest technology to keep its activity safe and sound for the human and environment. We are bound to provide better circumstances and a healthy environment for our workers or employees. Also, we highly avoid product failure as well as technical failure to achieve our desired outcome. We follow a globally standard technological system to maintain our production and industries so that we can provide quality required products on the estimated time given by our valuable customers.

Community Well Being

Neel Nagar Industries ltd produces polyester staple fiber, polypropylene fiber and textile yarn. For producing such fibers and yarns we need to establish a manufacturing plant which means producing new employment as to run that plant we need to have an industry and an industry always occurs revolution to the society. Thus employment occurs and a community gets benefitted. Moreover, half of our employees and laborers are females which also encourages women empowerment. Our industry is employee-friendly as well as women-friendly, we have lots of benefits for them which is helping our community to lead a better life.

Employee Well Being

Neel Nagar Industries Ltd has a great team of workforce. We work for our employee's wellbeing by providing them a better environment at the workplace and concentrate on their mental health as well as job satisfaction. We believe better and healthy workstation can do miracle, increase the productivity, and improve the capacity of an employee as well as it reduces the percentage of absenteeism. That's why employee well being is our basic principle and priority.

Environmental Stewardship

This is our corporate social responsibility to keep our ecosystem unchanged and ensure environmental wellness. Our entire factory is designed by maintaining that, we have created such a plant that will reduce environmental damage and keep our ecosystem unchanged. We have used environment friendly materials for production as much as we can. Our plant has an environment-friendly tunnel so that all the discarded materials of the factory got purified before discharged into an environment so that the water and air will be less polluted in the factory area.